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Technical Services

ES&H Technical Services, L.L.C. is an affiliate and a division of ES&H. Specifically; it is a semiconductor consulting company and a staff augmentation company offering high quality services at modest prices. 


ES&H Technical Services, L.L.C. provides professional domestic engineering and technician personnel throughout the United States. Our customers include Semiconductor Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Integrated Devise Manufacturers (IDM). 

Consulting Services (exclusive for OEM) Outlining and Defining

  • Service product offerings

  • Account sales strategies

  • Legacy tool sell/ acquisition

  • Parts procurement 

  • Industry intelligence

Staff Augmentation Engineering services

  • Installation 

  • Sustaining

Revenue Stream & Profit Centers

  • Supply chain strategies

  • Negotiation strategies

  • Cost savings methods

PM Tech Services

  • Tool/ Chamber

  • Preventative

For info or Employment contact us here:

ES&H Technical can provide the following services:

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