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Workers Wearing Helmets and Jackets

ES&H maintains active memberships and “A – Green” grades in ISNET World, Veriforce, PEC, Avetta and DISA in conformance with our customer requirements.    

Valuing safety means always focusing safety on the prevention of loss from injury, illness and damage, not just “complying.”  We align our safety program for our employees application of our safety program.  We emphasize improving our employees human safety performance, so that human error is minimized.    

Some of the things we do to demonstrate our “value of safety”:

Employee Training

We invest in our employees by providing extensive training for them.  Our training program goes beyond the regulatory minimum required training.  It takes weeks before a new hire is allowed to be put on your project sites because of our training requirements.


Our crews perform extensive safety planning activities on our customer’s worksites.  We develop site-safety plans, JSA’s and permits to recognize and control hazards. 

HSE Coordinators

ES&H places our own highly trained HSE coordinator on most of your project sites where the risk is greatest.  This practice gives you peace of mind that there is dedicated safety support and advice on your project sites. 

Jobsite Audits

Our HSE department performs frequent visits to project sites to actively manage safety from project start to completion.  We perform observations and audits of the jobsite and employees on the jobsite. 

Offsite HSE Monitoring

Our HSE department actively monitors job progress remotely to monitor your job’s progress. We frequently communicate with our job site supervisors for safety advisement and to offer safety suggestions for improvement.

We want to be your preferred environmental contractor. We strive to keep our safety program risk focused to actively prevent loss on your property.  We don’t want to just comply we want to reduce the risk of every single job we do for you.

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