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Industrial Services

ES&H offers complete industrial cleaning services to a variety of customers and industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical facilities, maritime industry, spill management companies, insurance carriers, building owners/construction, transportation companies and pipeline companies.  ES&H’s industrial personnel are fully trained in Permit Required Confined Space Entry and Rescue, 40-hour Hazwoper, site specific orientations/training and all of our personnel have TWIC cards.


Decontamination / Disinfection

Decontamination, or decon, is the removal of hazardous substances, such as bacteria, chemicals, or radioactive material, from equipment, tools, and sites to the extent necessary to prevent health and environmental effects. ES&H uses the most appropriate method of decontamination based on the hazards present.

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NORM Services


ES&H has extensive experience in all aspects of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).  ES&H’s NORM services include confirmatory and closure surveys, oilfield equipment decontamination (tanks, vessels, valves, and tubulars), land remediation and transportation/disposal of waste. 




Hydro- blasting, a key part of our Plant Services that ES&H offers. We provide highly trained personnel, and state of the art equipment that allows us to operate at a wide range of both pressure (10k to 40k psi) and flow. The power of water can bring your tanks, vessels, rail cars, and all plant equipment back to peak working conditions. 

Hydro blasting

Oil Water Separators & Sump Cleaning 

Oil water separators are systems used as an efficient method to separate oils and some solids from a variety of wastewater discharges. They are typically installed in industrial and maintenance areas and receive oily wastewater. Over time, solids build up and accumulate in these separators and require removal. ES&H provides personnel and equipment to manage the removal of this waste from the separators.

Well Inspection
oil water/ sump

Cleaning, Tank Maintenance & Repair

Our primary focus on any industrial cleaning project is the health and safety of our personnel, so every project is carefully planned and executed to prevent any incidents or accidents from occurring.  ES&H can repair and restore any size above ground storage tank according to API650/653 standard. ES&H handles all types of tank issues from minor repairs (bottom patches, weld repairs, nozzle replacements, roof drains, sump replacement) to major repairs (complete bottom replacements, floating roof replacement, cone roof and structure replacement, major shell ring repairs or replacement). ES&H also offers extensive knowledge and experience related to waste reduction and minimization which results in cost savings for the customer.

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Tank maintenance

Wastewater Treatment Facility

ES&H owns and operates its own Petroleum Wastewater Treatment Facility. ES&H's LPDES-permitted (Louisiana Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) facility handles petroleum contact wastewater. The facility currently has a 200,000-gallon capacity of temporary fuel storage.

ES&H vacuum trucks deliver wastewater - typically a mixture of oil and water - to the facility. The mixture is deposited into a storage tank where the oil and water separate over time. The oil and hydrocarbons are pumped into a separate tank and taken for recycling. The water is pumped into one of two treatment units, where it then goes through a process of aeration and exposure to microbial agents (biological bugs) to thoroughly remove any remaining hydrocarbons. Finally, the treated water is tested for safety and reintroduced into the environment.


ES&H has successfully completed countless industrial cleaning projects. ES&H takes pride in our ability to be totally self-sufficient and to deliver complete, turnkey projects, on-time and on-budget. ES&H has cleaned tanks and vessels ranging in size from 10’ diameter to 330’ diameter, with products ranging from light aromatics (alcohol, gasoline, etc.), to hazardous chemicals (caustics, acids, etc.), to heavy black oils (VGO, #6 oil, etc.) to solids (barite, asphalt, etc.).  ES&H maintains a vast inventory of industrial cleaning equipment including Triton vacuum units, remote-operated man-way cannons (non-entry tank cleaning), specialized pumping/transfer equipment and temporary storage containers (vacuum boxes, frac tanks, etc.).

wastewater treatment
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