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ES&H provides extensive and comprehensive environmental impact management services to a wide variety of industries, including Oil and Gas, Chemical, Government Entities, Spill Management Companies, Insurance Carriers, Building Owners and Construction, as well as Transportation.

Oil & Gas

oil truck

From oil spills and fires to gas explosions and hazmat leaks, oil and gas companies face dangerous situations every day. No matter the severity or size of the incident, ES&H is prepared to help you pick up the pieces in an emergency.

In addition to oil spill cleanup and environmental impact management services, ES&H also provides proactive consulting and training services for the oil and gas industry. Our experts have worked with refiners, drillers and everyone in between to help them prepare for and respond to environmental emergencies. We have the experience, resources and capabilities you need to keep your operations safe, compliant and profitable.


Our response team has played a major role in the emergency response efforts following the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and Hurricanes Katrina & Rita oil spills. Handling hundreds of industrial incidents throughout the years, we have earned the trust of oil and gas companies all over the world.

Oil & Gas


Chemical Plant

For many businesses in the chemical industry, environmentally hazardous chemicals are just a part of the job. These chemicals can be found in the burning of fossil fuels, in materials used for industrial operations, in scientific laboratories or in the deliberate release of toxic materials. No matter what kind of situation you face, you can never be too careful with handling radioactive, reactive and explosive substances, as well as any substances that could be harmful to the environment.

ES&H understands the complex risks and regulations of the chemical industry, and we know you can't always predict the elements that will come into play. Our team will work with your organization to safely handle and dispose of chemicals in a wide range of settings.

No matter where it comes from or how dangerous it could be, ES&H can manage your chemical emergencies safely, efficiently and cost effectively.


Government Entities

US government building

Whether it is your responsibility to keep our roads safe, keep our shores clean or keep our communities beautiful, ES&H is on your side. When disasters and emergencies hit in the blink of an eye, it's difficult to stay clear-minded in formulating a course for reaction. We work alongside cities and municipalities, regulatory agencies, Coast Guards, Departments of Transportation, school districts and water and utilities services in the proactive planning and execution of their emergency and environmental response initiatives. We have the people, resources and expertise you need to handle any magnitude of emergency - from a highway spill to a hurricane.

From ensuring a contaminated area is safe for entry to ensuring water is fit to drink for your community, ES&H teams up with your organization to make sure the job is done right and in the best interest of your community members.

Spill Management Companies

Oil Spill.jpeg

From chemical spills to oil spills, accidents happen every day, and spill management companies like you are there to help clean them up. But, what about the spills that are too large or too complex for one company to handle? We can help.

ES&H has the largest equipment inventory in the business ... and the manpower and expertise to match. Because of our flexibility and resources, we regularly team up with other spill management companies to assist with large cleanup projects or local assignments within our region.

By finding the right combination of resources and putting together a size-appropriate, reliable team, ES&H will efficiently and effectively deliver the support you and your clients need.

Government Entities
Spill Management

Insurance Carriers

Judge Writing

Your clients face costly risks every day. No matter what you do to prevent them, accidents can still happen. ES&H cannot eliminate these risks, but we connect with insurance carriers to help your clients establish risk management and environmental impact management strategies, while providing emergency response services when incidents occur.

When it comes to preparing for and responding to material spills or hazardous operational accidents, we handle everything from planning and training, to implementing our spill management team and setting up an Incident Command Post. Our experts are involved throughout the process to minimize your client's risks and costs during and after an incident.

Insurace Carriers



In the wide, unpredictable realm of transportation, there are only so many precautionary measures you can take to keep an accident from happening. When it comes to the road, rail and waterways, you can't control the other conditions or drivers around you. ES&H provides a host of cleanup and environmental impact management services to support trucking and transportation companies when emergencies arise. Our experts understand how to manage hazardous and non-hazardous materials, and we can help you clear the road and get moving again.



Cargo Ship at Sea

ES&H supports the Maritime Industry. We work with operators to provide response services for spills, collisions, sinkings, crisis preparedness and risk management. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to handle an array of both inland marine and maritime ocean challenges.

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