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Our Values

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Ensuring that safety is at the forefront of every decision made and entwined in all operations.

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Working together to continue to provide quality and professional services for our customers.

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Striving to continuously meet and exceed the needs of our valued customers.

Quality Customer Service

"ES&H's mission is to continue to be a high performance company that quickly, safely, and effectively responds to our customers' emergency needs; provides excellent service with quality and integrity; and values our employees and teamwork." 

Celebrating 25+ Years in Service


In 1992, we started in a small building with five employees. Since then, ES&H has grown gradually consistently over the years adding and expanding services as the oil and gas industry’s demands changed.


Turn Around Services Offered

ES&H looked to diversify services by adding a new service line for entry into the petrochemical industry.  They began offering turnaround services to the industry.  This service provides safety support and personnel to facilities as they perform turnaround projects.  Requests for this service also expanded to include new industrial construction projects.

Petroleum Wastewater Treatment Facility 

In 2004, the company added a petroleum wastewater treatment facility in Houma, La to store and treat petroleum materials.  The opening of this service provided another valuable service to ES&H clients.


Glycol and Process Division Formed

In July 2019, Glycol and Process was a new division of services added to the ES&H umbrella as part of the Production Group team. It is a full-service & parts provider for oil & gas process equipment such as; glycol systems, dehydration units, heater treaters, heat exchangers, separators, contact tower, sludge catchers, valves & controls, burners, igniters, & stack arrestors.

ES&H TMR, LLC Formed

ES&H TMR, LLC is solely committed to the maintenance and repair of above ground storage tank per API 650 and 653 codes. We strive to lead the industry in safety, quality and efficiency with a special emphasis on developing long term relationships with our clients.


Transportation & Disposal 

Before 1998, ES&H used third-party contractors to provide transportation and disposal services for its customers following an oil spill or incident.


A decision was made to bring this service within ES&H to be able to bring these services to our clients more cost effective. Over time, demand for ES&H’s vacuum truck services began to expand into the marine service industry for vessel tank cleaning projects. 


Industrial Group Formed

With a steady increase in the demand for its tank cleaning services the ES&H Industrial Group was formed.  This allowed us ES&H to be competitive in servicing larger tank cleaning projects. This group continuously added to their service offerings to include remediation, asbestos transportation, and mold management services. 


Hydroblasting Services Offered

Hydro- blasting, a key part of our Plant Services that ES&H offers. We provide highly trained personnel, and state of the art equipment that allows us to operate at a wide range of both pressure (10k to 40k psi) and flow. The power of water can bring your tanks, vessels, rail cars, and all plant equipment back to peak working conditions. 

ES&H Production Group, LLC Formed

ES&H Production Group, L.L.C. is an affiliate and a division of ES&H. Specifically, it is an oilfield labor and consulting company providing offshore and inland production personnel (operators, mechanics, electricians, and consultants) throughout the United States. Our customers include processors, pipelines, and both offshore and inland oil and gas producers.



Looking Forward

ES&H continues to look for ways to add to and diversify the services it offers our customers. As an organization, ES&H looks to become the premier environmental service company on the Gulf Coast.

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